About Rescue Metro City V3

A full Streets of Rage Remake Mod based on the differents Final Fight epidodes

Rescue Metro City V3
  • 32 rounds
  • 122 backgrounds
  • 4 differents paths, each one for a Final Fight episode + 1 brand new, separated in 8 full levels
  • Branches between the 4 paths
  • Orginals branches of Final Fight 3 retained
  • Soundtrack from CPS-1, Mega CD, SNES, Mega Drive...
  • Stages from Final Fight 2 with Metro City flavor, the game taking full place in this city
  • Items to pick up from Final Fight
  • Breakable items (boxes, phone booths, garbage cans...) coming from Final Fight, Final Fight CD, Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3, Vendetta and Burning Fight
  • Many easter eggs from Final Fight, Streets of Rage and other Beat'em all games


Download Full Pack

One big zip containaing everything you need, already confirgured for a full Rescue Metro City V3 experience
- Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 already installed, configured and almost everything unlocked
- Streets of Rage : Rescue Metro City v3 mod installed

Download Mod Only

If you already have Streets of Rage Remake v5.1 installed and configured (you need to unlock SoRMaker)
Just unzip this file in the directory "Streets of Rage Remake ver.5\mod\games"


Game Map & Paths

Rescue Metro City Map